Black and white

A few weeks later and I'm back again, I had a lovely vacation in Italy, there I went skiing with my family. 
But now, back to school again and I have loads of homework to do. So I haven't totally dissappeared, there's just no time for my blog and edit pictures at the moment. 
xx Cea

two photos from the last week.


Sweater weather

Found this lovely knitted sweater in my mothers closet, so since she never uses it, I assume I can have it for a while, haha. The lighting doesn't make the color fair but I absolutely love it!


New camera!!

GUYS! I finally got a new camera, and its the Nikon D3200 if someone is intrested. I'm so excited, and now I can make videos with good quality so thats amazing!


Yellow light

I'm 18 years old, 18!!! Already on my birthday I felt sooo mature, haha. I got some money so I'm going to buy a new camera, so I'll hopefully start bloging soon again, with decent quality. I'm so excited about everything, feels so good. And by the way, its not permentent pink hairdye in my hair, just temporary thingy. 


Long time, no see.

Oh hello again, just a couple of months later.. I would lie if I said that I've been busy, I just ran out of inspiration I guess and well I'm back now!

So new year, new possibilities. I met a few new friends last year, which I'm really happy about, I also began to study waaay more than I've done before, so that's a huge improvement for me. 

..And also, I know that I wrote millions of times last year that I planned to start make youtubevideos, but guess what? I haven't even done one single video yet, whoopsie! Haha nah, but the thing is that I don't know if I'm confident enough to uploads videos of myself doing beautystuff on youtube, since I don't speak English fluently. But we'll see..

    Instagram photos from 2013


Purple shadows

Went to the mall with my mum and bought two  purple eyeshadows from Make up store, one purlpe/dark red/brown (can't really explain) and one purle/violet. I used both of them in this eyemakeup.  I also applied some beige shimmery eyeshadow in inner corner to highlight my eyes. 
Mascara - the colossal volum' express mascara

                                                                                   xx Cea


Work work

old pic

Good evening people! 
I'm gonna work tomorrow and might go to the mall and maybe buy some clothes on the midseason sale. I'm planning to do a "Summer faves video" or something like that. yeaaah, that's it.